Papaver Somniferum Seeds- Color Combinations for your Garden

Papaver somniferum - Hot Pink
If you’re looking at introducing poppies to your garden then one of the best groups to use are Papaver somniferum seeds. These vibrant and annual poppies will grow in even the harshest of conditions, will flower profusely, and will produce thousands of seeds at the end of the year which you can then collect and save for culinary means or for sowing new plants. And whilst you may think of Papaver somniferum poppies as rather boring, there are a fantastic range of different colors to fill your garden with.


Papaver somniferum seeds are often traditionally thought of in purple hues. However, within this color there is a large spectrum and you needn’t just stick to one purple color in your garden. Hungarian Blue offers a pale violet petal which is more in keeping with the iconic poppy shape, especially with dark spots at the base of flowers. Likewise, Rye Beaner is a pale purple poppy, and if you want something with a richer and more dramatic hue then Lilac Single is definitely for you.

Within the purple category there are also a range of fantastic flowers with something a little special; fringed petals. These offer a little drama to the mix and offer a completely different ambience to the non fringed varieties. Drop Dead Gorgeous is deep purple and heavily fringed, whilst Lavender Fringed, Purple Fringed and Purple and Maroon Fringed will all also offer an additional element to any planting scheme.


White Papaver somniferum seeds act as a fantastic contrast color for some of the more vibrant specimens, including the purples already mentioned. The beautiful White Persian is a crisp clean flower which has slightly fringed edges and pale green pollen center. For a true white Papaver somniferum poppy this variety is ideal. Giganteum meanwhile is another white variety with additional pale purple spots at the base of each petal. With flowers growing to nearly six inches across in diameter they are a stunning variety which will work alone or as part of a color combination.

Pinks and Reds

For real passion and drama in the garden the use of pink and red Papaver somniferum seeds is ideal. There are many varieties included in this category including both fringed and non fringed specimens, giving you ample choice of bloom. Danish Flag offers a truly intense red, made even more vivid by a white center. Meanwhile, Bright Red Single is more in keeping with the traditional and iconic corn poppy, whilst Hot Pink offers exactly as its name suggests.

If you’re looking to lift your garden with color then don’t discount Papaver somniferum seeds for other plants such as California poppies. Papaver somniferum varieties offer a great range of hues and petal varieties to enrich any border with. They are quick and easy to grow so that you’ll have to do very little to make them thrive. And whether you like a cacophony of color or are a little shrewder in your palette, there is a Papaver somniferum variety just for you with One Stop Poppy Shoppe selling dozens of beautiful variations.